My friend, what a journey you have been on… I can relate to much of what you wrote as life continues to present those sprints and hill climbs Sean helped to prepare us for… Thank God that tears and sweat blend well together. I will never forget the words you shared with me after Sean passed. God does work in amazing ways, and you were right, Emma was instrumental in bringing me back after plunging into grief.

After reading your Legacy Story, I sat with it for exactly a month (I just realized that as I re-read your email). I apologize for the delay, however, today feels like the right day to post your story. I have been thinking about you and admiring your resilience as I follow your Facebook page – and even use the translation option! 🙂 #GymLife #Beard

Just in case you needed to hear this: You’ve got this, you do have the ‘eye of the tiger’ — you are an inspiration! You continue to remind me to cherish what I do have and fight for my wellness – body, mind, and spirit. You exemplify Sean’s spirit and compassion. May this year bring you continued wisdom, faith, health, and of course, tremendous love! Thank you for starting (and continuing) with the heart! With gratitude! Colleen

Hi CC family, in 2009 I decided to lose weight and found CC on the web. It really helped me lose weight and motivate me with the amazing workouts. I bought the full series and in 4 months I had lost over 35 pounds. I didn’t know why I needed to do it but I did it (losing weight and getting leaner). I even exchanged a few emails with Sean. In December 2009 I went to my parents’ place for Christmas with my 2 sons and wife and we had 2 wonderful weeks and I stopped training at that time.

Just a few days after we left my father passed away because of a heart attack. I knew then that I had prepared my self without knowing it,for that moment and the difficult times after his passing. Then, the news of Sean’s passing a couple of years later also struck me deep inside and decided to stay away from exercise since it was giving me memories of that 2009-2010 period.

Before / After

Last year my mother had a stroke and our lives changed again. I have been depressed and eating a lot and over Christmas I decided to make a change in my life and I knew coach Sean had to be by my side in this new attempt. I have been working out with the help of Sean the last three weeks. I have managed to do Vol 4 and as he explains in that volume’s coaches’ notes, sweat drops disguised my tears as I feel that I am coming back to life. I feel the presence of Sean through the CC workouts lifting me up. Thank you, Sean, and as I said before for your obituary, I am sure you are organising some kick-butt workouts up there with the angels.