Cardio Coach Volume 1 Sample

Discover the magic of Cardio Coach™ in the first workout of the Guided Workout Series as your Coach leads you through two fun, fast-paced challenges. Show your spunk with the optional third challenge or call it day and head straight to the refreshing cool down. Either way, the workout will leave you with a higher metabolism and those feel good endorphins. While Vol. 1 is designed to be more instructional in nature, anybody at any fitness level (who meets the minimum criteria) will be challenged to reach their own levels, provided they listen to their body and their Coach’s cues.

  • Your Coach : Sean O’Malley
  • Music: Todd Washburn
  • Music Genre: Trance / Enigma / world beat / cinematic
  • Total Workout Time: 35:29
  • Best Equipment: Stationary bikes, treadmill, cross-trainers, ellipticals, steppers & rowers
  • Challenge 1 – (6) :20 level 3 hills | :40 recovery
  • Challenge 2 – (3) 1:00 level 3 sprints | 1:00 recovery
  • Challenge 3 – 3:00 level 3 trek (fast climb) + :20 level 4 effort to finish
  • Coaches Notes: Because of the shorter intervals in Volume 1 Revised, this workout is best suited for exercise equipment that can change speed/resistance quickly. You can make modifications for outdoor walking/running by doing walking lunges for hill climbs etc.
1.5:00Warm up – Brief warm-up to prepare you for the challenges ahead. Level 1 exertion – zone 1 heart rate.
2.4:15Steady State 1 – Level 2 exertion – working to reach zone 2 heart rate.
3.6:00Challenge 1 – Challenge 1 consists of 6 – 20 second level 3 hills with 40 seconds rest in between. Heart rate should reach the upper limits of zone 3. After the last hill, your coach will give you a little rest and bring you back to a steady pace.
4.1:48Brief rest / steady
5.5:43Challenge 2 – Challenge 2 contains 3 level 3 sprints. Each sprint is one minute in length with a one minute rest. Set your resistance and speed to your level 3 perceived effort and get ready for a series of tough sprints. Your heart rate should reach the upper limits of zone 3 for the challenge.
6.4:28Steady State 2 – Before you begin cooling down, your coach will lead you into a 2nd and final steady state. Find your Level 2 exertion and focus on getting your heart rate back to your zone 2 lower limits.
7.3:43Challenge 3 – This final challenge is optional. If you choose to take it on, get ready for a 3:00 level 3 trek (fast hill) with a :20 level 4 effort to finish.
8.4:33Cool down – Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to enjoy the thought of knowing you’ve made it through a tough workout. Level 1 exertion and zone 1 heart rate.
9.4:31Coach’s Notes – Ending Word from your coach – Need a little more inspiration? Sean will briefly go over his experience and why the Guided Workout Series may be just the thing you’ve been missing.