Welcome to Cardio Coach Legacy!

We each have a legacy. We may not know it yet, and for some of us, we may not ever know it while on this Earth. For my brother, his ultimate goal was to create a wave of wellness — body, mind, and spirit — that would be ever present in the lives of his clients, his Cardio Family. While on Earth, Sean O’Malley, the Cardio Coach, did realize his dream despite setbacks, challenges, and suffering – he reached more than 10,000 people with his motivational fitness workouts.

For those of you who knew Sean in person or over the airwaves, we are guessing you are visiting this web site because he had an impact on you. We ask that you continue the journey with Sean and with us, as we spread his words and wisdom, his hope for a better future, so that we can not only find peace and inspiration for ourselves, but ripple that out to so many others.

We are cultivating Sean’s legacy through:

  1. his workouts.
  2. his stories and journey through TBI/CTE-related injuries that led to his suicide in 2012, just shy of his 40th birthday.
  3. your legacy stories that you share with us – your powerful experiences as you’ve overcome, reached milestones, and shifted your lives with the support of Sean – in mind, in heart, and in motion.
  4. future legacy workouts from other’s who share Sean’s “Start with the heart” focus and vision.

Thank you for joining us as we share Sean’s legacy! If you are interested in helping to promote the workouts or Sean’s story, please feel free. No permission needed. We were devastated when we lost control of the Cardio Coach web site after Sean died. Although we tried to get it back, we finally realized this is how we carry on Sean’s legacy. This is how we can help to infuse love and hope back into the world. And we know, without a doubt, love always wins! Thank you for your support!

With heart-felt thanks, Colleen, Jeff & The Cardio Family!

Please note that this is a site under construction. We are working on making the shopping cart easier as well as the rest of the site. Stay tuned for changes!

If you have feedback or would like to share your own Legacy Story, please click on the link at the top of the page and send us a message.