Why Cardio Coach Legacy?

Hi and welcome to Cardio Coach Legacy.

In January 2002, fitness coach Sean O’Malley succeeded (in his words, “after a few years of failed attempts” – Coach’s Notes Volume 1 Revised) in releasing the original Volume 1 workout in the VO2 Maxed Cardio Coach downloadable workout series.  He was awarded the US Patent for Downloadable Cardio Workouts.  What made Cardio Coach so special was that Sean discovered “a way to coach multiple people, from different fitness levels, all at the same time” – (Coach’s Notes Volume 2 Revised).  Every client is different, in their own unique way, and it was his belief that each must be coached in a way that supports that.

Perceived exertion and heart rate measurement come together to create the magic that is a Cardio Coach workout.  Add to that, fantastic custom music by Jeff Order and Todd Washburn, as well as the heart and soul of Sean, and a legacy was born.

In July of 2003, Sean received his first international order, and as of 2012 there were more than 10,000 individual Cardio Clients all over the world.

In 2010 Sean’s brother-in-law, Jeff Weber, joined the Cardio Coach team in the role of Client Services Manager.  Since that time, Jeff and Colleen (Sean’s sister) have continued to provide support to all Cardio Coach clients, including distributing workouts that have been lost due to computer crashes, etc.

In March of 2012, Sean lost his battle against the demons of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), when he died by suicide.  Making matters even more heart-breaking for our family and the Cardio Coach community, within weeks of Sean’s passing, we lost rights to the existing Cardio Coach web sites and were unable to maintain them. After trying to make sense of everything, we decided to let go of Cardio Coach (at that point) and focused our energy on sharing Sean’s story through HeadsUp CTE, an online resource for those who are trying to learn more about head injuries and CTE.

Despite our struggles, we have focused on ways to continue Sean’s legacy. Now, more than ever, we know it’s the right time. There has been a ‘surge’ of emails and messages from Sean’s virtual family to bring back the workouts. There have been hundreds of people who have shared stories about how Sean is still creating his ripple effect on this world. We knew this, but are still blown away more than seven years later – Sean didn’t just bring us fitness, he changed our lives.

We posted on Facebook after Sean’s funeral that we couldn’t believe the legacy Sean had left. People from around the world who had never met Sean, or many who hadn’t seen him in over 20 years stood in the aisle filling the huge church beyond capacity to honor Sean and share their stories. It wasn’t a funeral, it was a celebration of his life and ‘work’…which was truly his passion.

We were always proud of Sean’s commitment to starting with the heart and envisioning a world focused on wellness – we had no idea that he would continue to inspire, even after his death.

Over the past seven years, we (Jeff & Colleen) still get regular questions about Sean and Cardio Coach. Many have asked to purchase existing workouts, or if there are new workouts we haven’t released yet – and that is why we have decided to create Cardio Coach Legacy – to share Sean’s legacy again with the world, and to help other people share their legacies as well.

Through the Legacy Stories, we will continue to share Sean’s success stories. In time, we will also publish additional stories about Sean’s journey, as he fought to the very end to have a strong mind, strong heart, strong body.

For now, feel free to reach out with your stories, ideas, and feedback. This site is a living breathing digital manifestation of Sean’s goals… and a way to honor him now, and forever!