Tanya Laz

Wow where do I start? I’m so grateful for the day I found Cardio Coach and the CC community.   I found it when I went on a health kick before turning 30, I was determined to get fit.  I found a link to download one of Sean’s workouts for free.  Boy did I have no idea at the time where downloading that workout would lead. It didn’t take long until I had all of his workouts (which at the time was only CC 1-3), joined in the CC forum that existed at the time and sent Sean an email telling him what I thought about his workouts (and yes I did change my pants before I emailed him).

Prior to finding CC I used to hate doing cardio of any sort and other than playing a sport I rarely exercised.  Sean changed all that with his workouts.  The workouts really spoke to me.  His positive messages made such a difference and I started to believe in myself.   I started to love cardio and all the huffing and puffing that went with it, including the clear meditative state I’d end up in after the workout.  Using his workouts, I actually turned into a runner!  Something I’d never pictured myself being.  I even entered some fun runs and began doing more and more strength training.  I soon started exercising about five times a week.

That was over ten years ago and I am still a regular exerciser and continue to use the CC workouts when I can and join in with a group of cardio coach lovers who do a workout at the end of each month in dedication to Sean and Jim MacLaren.  Through Cardio Coach I’ve also made some wonderful friendships that continue to this day.  We all share the same love of Sean, his workouts and the rest of the Cardio Coach family.

Even through life’s ups and downs (and there’s been plenty of them) I’ve always kept the love of exercise.  I don’t think anything could change that now.  It’s now such an important part of my life. 

Cardio Coach helped me through some tough times too.  For years I was unable to walk without each and every step being incredibly painful, after developing an uncommon nerve pain condition in my ankle following a trivial injury. At the same time my dad was sick and eventually passed away. They were easily the toughest times of my life.  My life became all about visiting my dad in hospital, dealing with what was happening to him and myself and trying to work (which at times I couldn’t do or could only work up to 20 hours a week). The CC community helped keep me going as did listening to the workouts and visualising myself running to them.  As soon as I was able (which was years later), I was back into my CC workouts.  The calling to return to them after a break is always so strong and at the end of the workout I just feel so much better than when I started.  In 2018 I travelled around Europe and as part of my travels I did a 120km hike in 7 days and a 250km bike ride in 6 days.  Prior to cardio coach I would never have even considered doing something like that, yet with my current fitness levels I managed it easily.  Life is so different for me now compared to before CC.  I’m currently in another phase where I can’t do my CC workouts, but I know they are there waiting for me, beckoning me to get past this next challenge and return to Cardio Coach Land.  I can’t wait!

CC is my stress relief, my me time and my feel good time (mentally and physically) all mixed into one.  I’ve never found another workout that impacts me in this way and to this degree.  I’m not sure words can ever convey how truly grateful I am for finding Sean, his family, the bigger CC family and his workouts.  CC is so much more than just a workout.

And Sean – whenever I see a kanga-dog I always think of you (something Sean used to joke with me about).

As soon as you said Kanga Dog, I was ‘inspired’ to create a Kanga Dog image with Sean. You know how he loved creating whacky images in PhotoShop.

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